Save Them Hood! Or the would be hero.

Today a strange occurrence transpired in the cryptocurrency world. A man, calling himself ‘Hood’ has taken the community by storm. Many are praising him for a deed that is seemingly of good intentions but is very likely of evil genesis and can only result in a backlash of foul commentary by media and community members alike.

As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The story in brief: A new account on reddit began giving away large amounts of dogecoin to members of the /r/dogecoin community. He alluded to the fact that the money was created from stolen paper money taken from the wealthy. He then proceeded to tip 14 million dogecoins to a charity and has been given a hero’s welcome by the members of the dogecoin branch of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

There’s a slight problem though… If the money was stolen, then it came from somewhere and was stolen by someone.  We have no answers to these questions however since the Hood remains anonymous.

But, if we take him at his word and give as much stock to his word as we do his donation-which was in fact very real-we can only assume that what he said was true.

Since he claims that the money was stolen, he essentially has laundered the money using dogecoin and the charity Doge4Water.

While some have been hopeful that the money is not stolen, many of the community have decided that if it was stolen that it is a good thing.  While they refuse to deal with moral absolutes (such as theft is bad), they have grounded themselves, ironically, in the absolute moral stance that the rich are, in fact, evil.

Many members have made comments such as, “Eat the rich!” or “the rich are the greatest source of misery and greed.” Yet it was their own greed that has caused them to fall in love with the Hood. His very ‘generous’ donations of 10,000 doge to many of the so-called ‘shibes’ has marked him with the seal of /r/dogecoin approval.

Really his commentary should have marred his presence with a seeded animosity and distrust.

What many of the dogecoin commentators seem unaware of is their own privilege.  The vast majority of them are middle class and in the vast scheme of the world in which we all live, are far more privileged than anyone which they are donating to. It’s odd how they draw the line of rich and greed right where their own envious aspirations lie.

I cannot help but point out that the oddity of this entirely strange and rare occurrence is that a man now labeled as a generous benefactor was granted such title without any self-sacrifice, by the alleged fruit of another’s wealth, and through his own self obsessed and egotistical third person monologues.

It’s baffling and disturbing and shows a level of immaturity all around in the DogeCoin Community..

I will say this, many in the community have spoken out against him. These members are unfortunately outnumbered by their lesser halves who will champion this cause for some time to come until the blow-back engulfs their cause. Funny how a currency created to inspire wealth that propels it’s holders ‘to the moon’ will also inspire class warfare and envious greed of those that already have what they seek. It says much for the human condition, nearsighted self-evaluation, and the conception of privilege which we all inevitably succumb to.

13 thoughts on “Save Them Hood! Or the would be hero.

  1. You have misconstrued his words. There is no proof anything is stolen. He even stated that it wasn’t. Go back and read his statements.

  2. Well, “taking” does not equal stealing. Does the storeowner who takes your fiat steal it? No. If he is a gambling site operator he would “take fiat from the rich” and convert it into Crypto. Completely legal, completely not stealing. I could come up with dozens of examples like this. Literally no where does he say he steals anything. Sorry the link has https which probably doesn’t work. take off the S.

    • He uses language that is pointedly clear about his intended reaction and interpretation. He is hiding behind proxys, disposable tech and public wifi. He alleges all these things. Either he stole it or has no reason to act in such a way. Again, to reiterate, he WANTS people to think he stole it in the least, and he very likely did.

      • I completely disagree and see absolutely no proof of that. This is a prime example why someone might like to remain anonymous. Lot’s of witch hunts and conspiracy theories. You are trying really hard to deny everything I’m saying, I wonder why. Anyway, you don’t appear convincable. I’m going to stop trying. I’m glad at the end of the day, we can disagree, yet Africans have fresh water when they didn’t before. He donated a portion of the money. A lot of people including myself donated as well. Are you going to accuse all of us as well? You should focus on the fact a charity was funded, and not made up accusations based on bad reading comprehension.

      • He is very clear on his twitter (@savethemhood) that he has ‘pried’ money from the rich. Sounds kind of like forcible theft. Not like a generous donation. I donated to the fund too. Reading comprehension sounds oddly like an attack ad hominem. ‘Yet Africans’ sounds quite like a white man’s burden complex. And while you may see no proof of that, he has been very clear about his wording, chose his wording to emulate that of a Robin Hood reboot and has made clear that he wishes to strike again. Sorry, but despite what you may like to believe, whether he stole it or not, he wants all of us to believe he did. Thank you for your read and lively discussion.

    • Also if he is a gambling site operator converting fiat into crypto then that sounds interestingly close to money laundering. He uses the verbs, ‘pry’ and ‘take’ and acts as if he is a modern day Robin Hood. There are clear intentions.

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