An Agent of ISIS Explains the Risk of Refugees

By: Brett MacDonald

Dabiq Magazine, the official propaganda outlet of Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) published an interview in Feb. 2015 featuring one of the Parisian attackers, Abu Umar Al-Baljiki, known to western media outlets as “Abdelhamid Abaaoud.”

In this interview, Abaaoud discusses how he had been detained and arrested on two separate occasions, that, at one point an image of him fighting in “Sham” (the fantasy name for the country ISIS hopes to create) was in the hands of the intelligence official while questioning him, and that he was still released.

This allowed him to return to Syria, regroup, then, re-enter Paris, and commit the atrocities we all have come to know too well these past few weeks.

Here, Abaaoud boasts of how futile the attempts to stop him really were:

“Muslims should not fear the bloated image of crusader intelligence,” says Abaaoud.

ISIS will do whatever they can to abuse all available vulnerabilities, leaving no stone unturned. They will inevitably infiltrate the Syrian Refugee programs here.

In order for us to remain safe, we must correctly vet each of those 10,000 refugees — in order for ISIS to succeed, they need but one to slip through the cracks.

Are we really, really, that confident in this administration to keep us safe?

I have my doubts

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