How are the Top Liberal “Minds” Responding to San Bernardino?

By: Brett MacDonald


“New media” has collectively taken to twitter to confront one of the great evils of the world: prayer.

The party of love and acceptance is criticizing and trolling Republicans about praying:

Scott Bixby of Mic:

Eh.. she’s a nobody like me that tries to be influential:

but she’s astoundingly hypocritical:

(I asked her what her idea of acting was: donating money to politicians, saving lives one stump speech at a time)

Matt Yglesias of Vox:

They’re using it as a political tool:

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton:




They’re forgetting how they criticized Republicans for reminding them that “there is no confirmed motive:”

Huff Post’s Sam Stein:


Of course, this is all ignoring the fact that California scores an 81 on the Brady Campaign scale — meaning they have the strictest laws in the country.

But, forget about that.

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