Rhetorical Shenanigans V: Deportation Defined – A Clintonian Conspiracy

So you might have read part IV of this series — or you might not considering the modest views this blog draws.


In any case, digging was done, and the origin of the re-defining of “deportation” happens to be one of particular interest to the earlier discussion. It turns out, President Bill Clinton was at the forefront of changing that definition.



You’ll recall that Clinton had the most “removals” according to the new definition as seen here: usaall8

Well, it would seem that, with the 1996 election fast approaching, Clinton realized being known as the Dean of Deportation might piss off his substantial Latino base, that are overwhelming opposed to deportations.

So, as they say, the pen is mightier than the sword — though when Clinton said this, I don’t know if he meant the same thing as the rest of us do.

In any case, President Clinton authorized the change in definition in September of 1996 — two months before the 1996 election –he would go on to win, and by this redefinition he could appear as one of the more Latino friendly presidents.1pyfhm9

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