Rhetorical Shenanigans VI: Anal Sex Ban in Michigan


I know it is really popular to just repost and not analyze. It’s easy, doesn’t take any effort, and if you read a credible source its usually safe to do. In our busy world we have to resign ourselves to the trusty hands of journalists…with agendas.

Michigan Republicans didn’t pass a law banning anal sex. They passed a law that amended a bill that had already banned anal sex. The Anal Sex Ban is not enforced, was not increased in scope or power, and is by virtue of SCOTUS’ jurisprudence a completely impotent section. Its a relic of a bygone era that is being used to distract and manipulate you into grabbing a pitchfork and torch.

Here is what actually happened:

Rather than trying to debate removing that part of the bill and fighting stupid conservatives that have Evangelical support, Michigan Republicans did the smart thing and didnt waste time on that debate and instead pushed the bill through with minimal changes to the language.

[ Source: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2015-2016/billengrossed/Senate/pdf/2015-SEBS-0219.pdf ]

Why? To modify and increase protections on the sections about animal rights.

Oh and more than 25% Michigan State Senators are Democrats and 10 out of 11 of them voted for the bill.

[ Source: http://openstates.org/mi/bills/2015-2016/SB219/ ]

This was a bill with bipartisan support meant to protect animals. When one town in a state is dealing with a crisis, the sate must act. But if while acting they ignore legislation that has been worked on since March of last year they are negligent of their duties as a whole. Caring about problem X doesn’t mean they don’t also care about problem Y. And if solving problem Y will take a long span of time and allow for general business to be conducted between the lulls of that process, then solving problem X becomes an imperative lest they wish to disregard their duties as a whole when faced with a crisis which they cannot quell in an instant.

If you have both an exam next week and a quiz tomorrow in separate classes, and you are waiting to hear the format of the exam from the professor that same day, try not to skip your quiz – it won’t do you any good.

And read multiple sources, be a skeptic, trust no one’s opinion because everyone is at the mercy of his bias.

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