The Man That Attacked Trump Hates Himself. You Should Hate Him Too.



His name is Tommy DiMassimo. He is the white thug who assailed Trump in Ohio and was promptly tackled by the Secret Service.  He lied about being motivated by Black Lives Matter, he hates white people, and he planned to disrupt Trump for four months. He was given a platform to pander on CNN during which he employed his “white smile” to manipulate viewers–a tactic he repeatedly brags about using.

He hates America. He hates capitalism.

And he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter.

He will be revealed for what he is in just a few short moments but first a tangential topic must be dealt with before we examine the mind of the disturbed. If you just can’t wait, scroll down to where the fun starts but I implore you to stick it out. Here’s a teaser:

White America Must Fall



This cycle has brought out the worst in the media — those that “we the people” rely on for information have become a pit of snakes. They lie, they manipulate, and they bend the truth for attention as though they are Bernie teenagers being obnoxious at a Trump Rally. While this has always been the case anyone with half a brain can tell that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction, between reality and manipulation, and between perception and objective analysis.

White America Must Fall

A perfect example of perception being abused – this picture looks pretty damning. And casual viewers have only been shown this angle for a reason: the media wants you to believe that the Trump campaign is run by a thug. More on this in a minute…

Even fellow pundits have been aiming at their colleagues’ throats. Most recently, Breitbart’s Michelle Fields manipulated the entire community of journalists into believing she had been attacked by Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager. Pixelated pitchforks and torches were raised, angry netizens marched, and just before they pounded down the would-be Dr. Frankenstein’s house, the truth emerged.

Did the truth come from a mainstream source? No, it came from the last refuge of muckrakers: alternative media (or as Tommy would say, the “new, new” media).  In this instance, PoliticalWave has to specifically credit Chuck C. Johnson (seriously, the #FreeChuck Johnson is officially more credible than all mainstream media) and Mike Cernovich for taking to task the narrative and refusing to bow down to the purported truth.


And what was that truth? Corey merely brushed passed Michelle, perhaps while grabbing her arm briefly in the process and the “witness” she relied on was in the midst of drafting an anti-Trump hit-piece.  While Lewandowski rudely committed what would surely have been ruled a moving screen violation if they were playing in the NBA, it was by no means an egregious foul, certainly not police report worthy, and definitely not a Tech.

Still, a quagmire developed (why is this word so popular this cycle?) as Breitbart’s own Ben Shapiro jumped to Fields’ defense when the publication that employs both of them did not. Shapiro demanded that Lewandowski resign while calling him and Trump both thugs and accusing them of trying to cover up the scrum. The lead spokesperson for Breitbart, Kurt Bardella, held the line at first, helping to squash the the narrative that Fields had been been violently assaulted.  Then he resigned citing ethical reasons on the air with CNN’s Don Lemon.  While speaking to Lemon he admitted to feeling that Breitbart was protecting Trump and lying about details in the process, he described himself as a Republican that doesn’t support Trump. In the video Kurt mentions all of the clips they’ve seen. That’s an interesting comment, since none showing the moment the encounter actually took place had surfaced at that point, and if Breitbart had their hands on the one posted above then Bardella should have realized that Fields was in the wrong.

Perhaps the two of them have their eyes set on working for other institutions these days.

Again, to surmise:

Corey Lewandowski is innocent. Ben Shapiro has doubled down on a myth based solely on”loyalty.” Tons of hot takes were written by almost everyone everywhere. And god knows what Kurt Bardella is doing these days.– out of morbid curiosity alone he’s been asked for a comment.

But the media, in Gakwer worthy fashion, made money. So the system works just the way it was intended to. It will continue in this fashion until the readers themselves demand it to change, seek out new sources, or begin questioning everything published ever.

So what does all of this have to do with the psycho that rushed at Donald Trump the other day?

There should be no real need to write anything to discredit DiMassimo just as there should be no real need to defend Lewandowski — if the media would just do their job.  But instead, millions of Americans accross the country turned on their TVs to see Lewandowski discredited for doing nothing and DiMassimo  defended for attempting to assault a potential president.

To say that again: the man that–on video clear as day–attempted to assault a public figure is made to look like a well-intentioned angel while a hardworking campaign manager is labeled a sinner for rushing past a reporter that was already drafting a hit-piece.

The sad thing is, it would be much more shocking to find someone that is actually surprised to hear about the media lying, than it would ever be to find out the media is lying to begin with.

But that is the state of things.


Today CNN gave DiMassimo a chance to share his views. While everyone is used to the network humanizing thugs like those in the Chicago riots, it really is impressive just how innovative they are when it comes to inducing rage in every sane American. But when the media is only interested in one particular narrative, confirmation bias sets in.



Since they allowed DiMassimo a platform to speak, he knew the whole world was watching. Tommy knows how to behave when he’s being watched. They enabled an attention-seeking brat, and frankly, just because the narrative is getting old PoliticalWave decided to put Tommy DiMassimo under the test of integrity.

Oh, by the way CNN? He knows how to manipulate you. He is a sociopath. Why wasn’t a single difficult question asked? Do your job!


Since its well established he has a history of seeking out the limelight during his “activism,” it is time to test how he behaves when the cameras are off.


What does he say when the whole world isn’t watching? How does he behave when sharing his most intimate moments with his closest friends on social media?


On request PW can provide archived links to all the material below. Here’s what was found:

Tommy is a deeply troubled individual, filled with hatred that often times presents itself in a self-loathing manner.  We’re going to have some fun with that in a bit but its crucial to first note that this was a serious incident. Whenever any candidate for higher office is threatened, assaulted or assailed that isn’t just an insult to the candidate but also to his supporters, the political system, and the nation as a whole. The United States is a nation of laws and the behavior of DiMassimo deserves no less than universal and perpetual shaming, scorn, and humiliation.

He has claimed the attempt was a show of activism. This wasn’t activism. It was a long planned, disgusting display of thuggery and barbarism. Over the span of four months, Tommy was planning on stirring up trouble at a Trump rally:

He’s a bad seed, and his foolishness and laughable contradictions are no excuse to take him any less serious–especially when his view of the world is painted in the starkest stereotypes.  He see’s his “white privilege” as a sword that he must use to protect black people with, because, “white people don’t got to jail.” This is what motivates him: he must be the hero in his fantasy world of white devils.




dont go to jail
He admits to being a manipulator on his Twitter–he doesn’t just say white people are manipulators as quoted above, he admits to donning a separate persona when dealing with certain individuals. He calls this his “white people smile,” and he uses that phrase multiple times.



And boy, is he obsessed with white people.

American Culture to destroyWhite America is the true failure

And before your mind wanders to Shaun White or Rachel Dolezal, yes – he is white, he know’s he’s white, and he’ll even admit it occasionally. But he really, really hates being reminded. cos im white

next time

Tommy…you’re white.fuck you too


Seriously, these are all real tweets. Tommy has no self awareness at all. He wants to live in a world where white people don’t “own everything,” and god forbid anyone tell him he could be living that reality now.

Naturally, Tommy wants to live in a world where at least one white person still has power–King DiMassimo, savior of black America.


The White Man’s Burden, White Guilt, and inferiority complex make for a very weird combo.

He also hates scarves on white men.


“I don’t wear that now that I have black friends! It was just a phase!”

He hates police and republicans and considers them both terrorists.



He wants to be remembered, but not the way the American people should choose to:dragged.png


PW has hundreds more of these and will update as the day goes on. For now this will have to do.

This is the real Tommy DiMassimo. He is a thug. He is a liar. He is not a hero.



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