I Endorse Donald J. Trump

donald-trump.pngFor awhile now, I have straddled the growing gap between the establishment and the New Right. I have been, admittedly and ashamedly concerned about what this might mean for my career considering there are a number of people threatening to permanently ostracize those that support him.

So to my friends and associates on the laughably liberal Left and regrettably flailing Right I have decided to state my position:

Conservatives are threatening to black mark people for life over a single election — this is the behavior I expect of progressives not Republicans. Republicans do not draft proscription lists when their preferred Caesar is not picked.  Republicans do not form Trust and Safety Councils to promote censorship on social media. And last I checked, its progressives that routinely call for free speech to be limited–I remember fighting with Chris Cuomo about just that.

I didn’t see myself writing this months ago when I created a graphic supporting my two choice candidates at the time. Back then, I was skeptical about Trump.  I was concerned that he was running on a publicity stunt platform and not a true to form campaign. I watched as my favorite candidate, Rand Paul, remove himself from the race in order to focus on retaining his much needed position in the Senate. Then, to my chagrin, I  realized how much of an unethical hack Ted Cruz was when he lied repeatedly leading up to the Iowa Caucus and then manipulated Ben Carson’s voters during the election night.  Cruz would govern with a Nixonian etiquette should he ever reach the Oval and while I am in the minority of people willing to sing the praises of the man who reopened our relations with China when no one else wanted to, Cruz does not have the acumen nor  has he made the alliances necessary to lead as Nixon did.


Best of luck to Paul in Kentucky.

So I returned to contemplation. “What did America need most right now?” I asked myself.

I came to the conclusion that America needed someone that would embrace the hardest, most uncomfortable truths and not resort to denialism or to sugar coating when things got difficult.

Its a simple matter of numbers. 1 out of 5 migrants in the world currently lives within the United States. By and large these people need a great deal of assistance – an understandable result of being in a foreign land surrounded by often unfriendly, unsympathetic, and unfortunately racist people that disregard adversity in favor of a simplistic nativist understanding of why people come here. I get that. But as the very misguided Ben Shapiro likes to tell people, “facts don’t care about your feelings.” Maybe the nativists are entirely wrong.

Ben, you need to take your own advice.

Feelings are powerful motivators. But numbers are numbers. There are 4 billion people living below the poverty level in the world today. We can’t help them all. How should we choose who we help? I think we have an obligation to our own people–to the American people.

Despite having families, cute babies, arriving here while young, or any other personal history the deserves sympathy–undocumented immigrants are a major problem for a number of reasons — but many documented immigrants also stress a system that is already overtaxed.

Democrats are unwilling to prioritize the right immigrants. To do so, in their odd opinion, would be un-American. To those Democrats, I remind them that the Statue of Liberty faces outward as a beacon for the world. Despite the poem that was added to its base in an afterthought, the Frenchmen that gave it to us had a singular purpose: for it to be a beacon encouraging other nations to build republics such as ours. The message was never meant to be, “come here and weigh our system down,” the message was supposed to be a loud cry of “build!”

We owe people, certainly. That isn’t something I deny. But we owe our own people.

We have an extraordinary number of homeless citizens. Tens of thousands of them are veterans. 1 out of 5 children living in America currently live in poverty. Our elderly are unable to retire. Our young men and women are unable to find jobs. We are approaching 20 Trillion dollars in debt.

These are the numbers. They are statistics set in stone and while they aren’t playing us a happy tune, its time to face the music.

There are two types of immigrant groups that I think benefit our nation:
1. relatives of current citizens that have an embedded support network to fall back on
2. immigrants with a degree in higher education in sectors of the market that we are deficient in supplying.

Even these two groups should be severely limited.

Its tough, but unfortunately we can’t look at this as a charitable effort anymore–despite what Hillary might say. We are in a constant competition with nations of the world and we’re approaching a series of geopolitical crises the likes of which have never before seen. The petro-dollar will cease within our lifetimes. The migratory crisis in the middle east is reaching its limit and will only get worse when that happens. BRIC nations are poaching American interests at home and abroad at an unforeseen rate.

The state of American supremacy and hegemony is more in question now than it has been ever been. Pax Americana will soon be over.

If the goal for the American people is for the United States to remain as a beacon on a hill, as a model for other nations to emulate, and as gift for our posterity — we need to preserve, rebuild, and prepare for the coming struggles.

My path to these realizations has been a long time coming for me, but I am here now.

12336282_10208683972759901_811585015_n (1).jpg

People that think Trump’s persona, his rhetoric, and his views are shocking haven’t been paying attention. People that think he is a simple racist followed by unintelligent simpletons are out of touch.

People that say illegals take the jobs that Americans don’t want to do have never been desperate for work in their lives and could never imagine themselves doing that labor they see as beneath them — “that work is done by Hispanics for a reason,” those people think to themselves. They just don’t say it out loud. God forbid they reveal themselves to be the true racists — because, since, Trump wants to build a wall and prevent refugees from coming here, he’s definitely the real racist.
People that attacked Carson for endorsing Trump, that called him a coon, a house n*gga, and other horrible slurs not worth repeating– those were liberals, not Dixie rednecks.
People that harassed his female supporters were “feminists,” not MRA slobs. These people that are supposedly meant to build up their fellow women attempt to shame them instead for participating in wrongthink.
Conservatives at the National Review are on suicide watch. They are desperate. They are now attacking the largest voting bloc available to their own party because they are disappointed that they are not loyal to the establishment. Somehow they have reached the conclusion that berating these people will return them to the flock. Pardon the sheeple reference.
In the upcoming March 28th issue, Kevin Williamson opines, “The white American underclass is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture…Donald Trump’s speeches make them feel good. So does Oxycontin.” Kevin is so mad at the abandonment of the elites that he has lashed back: “these dysfunctional, downscale communities…deserve to die. They are negative assets.” Kevin, you’re an un-American scumbag.
By the thousands democrats are joining to vote for Trump. Hispanics and black voters, Asians and white Reagan Democrats alike. But the media won’t admit this. They won’t show you the Hispanic woman the hugged him at his recent rally, the legal immigrants that praised his effort to uphold our laws, nor the many black men and women that are coming to the inevitable conclusion: Democrats have betrayed the people most loyal to them just as the Republican establishment has betrayed impoverished whites.

Former Democratic Candidate Jim Webb will be voting Trump in the General Election.

For decades liberals have promised to pull the African American community out of poverty, to reduce crime, to improve schools — have they? The stats are not on their side.
They built a Cathedral of lies, convincing minorities that white racism and privilege arethe true original sins, that Progressivism is the covenant, and that Kennedy’s assassination was Jesus on the cross sealing the deal.
All the while black voters have been manipulated, taken for granted, and forgotten as they compete for jobs in urban areas that are swamped with illegal immigrants.
Who will compete most with those 11 million illegals that Democrats want to give a path to citizenship to? It certainly won’t be the white liberal progressives championing their “liberation.”
I do not completely agree with Donald’s economic policy – I strongly question his views on tariffs and I think he overestimates Putin’s willingness to work with us as partners.

But regardless of the consequences, regardless of the petty and immature threats members of the conservative coalition will make, and even if the Good Ol’ Party should die as a result (all old things do this most consistently anyways)…

I endorse Donald J. Trump.

– Brett MacDonald



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    • Thank you! And please be sure to make similar statements in your own words as well! The more people that speak out, the more comfortable others will be to use their voices too.

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