How to Ensure a Fair Convention for Trump


The best way to ensure peace is to always be ready for war.

This is another post that shouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately…

There have been a number of threats hurled in the direction of Trump and his supporters, including:

  • Proscription and permanent black balling for pundits that endorse Trump

  • A brokered convention (you’ll notice that since the word “brokered” reveals that it is the result of a sell-out, they are now using the euphemism “open convention.”)

  • A contested convention

  • A third party splinter run where a Republican would turncoat and launch an independent campaign with GOPe support. 1457208957180.gif


The Establishment is great at making threats, how are they at receiving them?

There’s a clear way to prevent any of these threats from evolving into action: we have to mobilize.  Trump recently stated that he believes riots would result in any underhanded practice that the Establishment might attempt. This is a valid prediction and not a threat in the least — despite all of the victim play5QIxAbX.jpging by Paul Ryan. Speaker Ryan, who is among those that have actually made threats, shouldn’t be doing so without expecting a response in kind.  The fact is, some of the most (justifiably) outraged people in this country would receive any duplicitous scheme with venom.  Any attempt made to disable the will of loyal Republican voters deserves to be treated as an unforgivable betrayal.  But we are not a movement of mere reactionaries – we don’t wait for the other side to make a move. Instead, we obey Newton’s Third Law and, with our action, precipitate the other side’s reaction.  After all, Trump has managed to control the media by acting, not reacting.  We must follow his lead since doing so can prevent anything from getting out of hand and requiring more drastic measures.

The message here is simple:

If, on July 2oth we have not secured the necessary number of pledged delegates, we must surround the convention in a peaceful show of strength.  While outside we will celebrate our inevitable victory, and patiently wait.

We will make it clear that we will not accept–under any circumstance– a nomination that does not result in the candidate with the greatest number of delegates receiving the nod. We will make it clear that the candidate with the plurality of delegates will have our support while any other will receive our scorn, shame, and resentment.

Every single day, from now until then, we must hammer this reality home while we organize and prepare to put this plan into action.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So let us act and force them to react.

If we do this,  any candidate that should resist, any politician that would like to betray the people that empowered him, and any delegate that should abuse his pledge–will be scorned.  Let Speaker Ryan, Majority Leader McConnell, and teary-eyed Boehner attempt whatever they like – no one will have an ego big enough to make themselves vulnerable to the will of the people. They speak bravely now because they think that we will sit by idly. They will back down if we call their bluff.  Remember, they’re the  lightweights.

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to voice them below. I am easiest to reach directly on twitter at @TweetBrettMac





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