Scumrakers – Journos STILL pretending that Trump didn’t disavow David Duke

Myth: Trump didn’t disavow David Duke
Reality: Trump disavowed David Duke immediately

This Donald Trump “didn’t disavow David Duke quick enough” nonsense is getting old.

On Feb 26th Trump disavows Duke immediately after he first received the supremacist’s tacit support:

Feb 29th Trump is asked again (why was this necessary? Did CNN want their own soundbite because they didn’t want to reference Trump’s presser?) about David Duke and “other white supremacists” to which Trump replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. Trump later complained about a faulty earpiece that made him think the question was focusing on the other groups–a reasonable thing to be confused about because people don’t typically ask politicians to repeatedly disavow a person they have no association with. Still waiting on Obama to disavow all of the racists he’s connected with though.

Some outlets (*cough* Buzzfeed *cough*) were literally running competing  and contradicting headlines.

Contradiction.pngGive it a rest. Its laziness at best and purposely manipulative at worst–either case is pathetic.

Do a google search and filter “Trump Disavow” for Feb. 26th and you’ll see hundreds of stories about him disavowing David Duke.  Search the same query for after Feb 27th and those stories disappear and everyone is pretending Trump didn’t want to disavow Duke just days before. Either the media-minded folks that are able to dig up decade-old stories suddenly suffered from Alzheimer’s or they did it on purpose. Most of these outlets have not retracted their lies. But what’s more troubling is that some outlets are continuing to run the stories well into mid-March!


Here’s a partial list of publications still carrying this myth forward:




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