The Pennsylvanian Plan: How to secure the primary for Trump

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Everyone should read this, but if you are short on time and not from Pennsylvania PLEASE share it!

This article contains CRUCIAL information for voters heading to the polls next week and sharing it alone will help Trump win. 


Lyin’ Ted Cruz plans to steal Pennsylvania using one of his dirty tricks. It’s called a “loophole primary,” and its a nasty bit of business.  This term might be familiar to you since Missouri and Illinois both incorporated the loophole concept into their primaries.  Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is a bit different–and the difference matters.  Basically it’s an over-complication of the standard primary system–in a typical primary delegates would either be awarded by a winner-take-all or proportional allocation. These delegates would then be “bound” to the candidate in question.  That isn’t how Pennsylvania works–but I’ll explain that in just a moment.

First here is the breakdown on delegates in the Pennsylvania Primary that takes place next Tuesday:

  • 3 delegates will be allocated t0 each of the 18 Congressional Districts for a total of 54 delegates
  • 10 delegates will be awarded to the winner of the state’s popular vote
  • 4 delegates are awarded as a “bonus” to the winner of the popular vote
  • 3 RNC Party Officials will serve as delegates awarded to the winner of the popular vote
    • I highly recommend reading The Green Papers for a more complete understanding of this process.

The total number of delegates up for grabs in Pennsylvania amounts to a grand total of 71.  And even though Trump is crushing Cruz in the polls, there’s a catch, and the catch makes the polls matter a whole lot less.  The majority of the delegates — the 54 delegates allocated to the various congressional districts are not bound to any candidate at all. Ever. They are not even bound on the first vote at the convention, which means Cruz will be pulling out all the stops to wheel and deal his way into the pocket of each and every one of them, just as he has done before.

So when Pennsylvanian voters head to the polls on the 26th, they won’t be given a simple standard ballot but a cumbersome list of delegate names. The names will not say whom they are supporting. The ballot will look like this:

Congressional District 4
“Choose 3 Delegates”
[_] John Smith

[_] Sally Poe

[_] Joe Shmoe

[_] Brett Mac

[_] Jerry Jorge

[_] Sal Mangie

“Choose 3 Delegates”

Now, let’s say Cruz bought out three of the names on the roster here–the question is which three are Cruzbots and which three are Trump-friendly. Cruz is relying on low info voters to not know! So we need to be prepared.

This is the part that matters most! Here is what you need to know!

Thankfully, one kind soul has gone through an excruciatingly exhaustive effort to detail each delegate and what is known about their stance–in a single document that can be found HERE, you will find all that you need to be informed about which delegates support Donald Trump.

15 thoughts on “The Pennsylvanian Plan: How to secure the primary for Trump

    • now that they no this trump needs to put his people like Montfort into action I’m sure this will come out as all lyin ted bullshit ok all Americans have to remember we do have all the power no other time in history do we have more unity over a president if they really go against the people this cycle may actually be timanman sq…

  1. I know that Cruz will pull every dirty trick he, and the ” elites ” can think of to steal the nomination from Trump! ! This information is critical to a Trump victory! ! !

  2. I REALLY think we need to go back to the plain old ballots. This would mean everything. Who they voted for is #1. This was the way I voted for the first time. Look, we have seen all of them in action during the debates. We have seen who stoops the lowest to win. AND, I believe that Bernie Sanders is a Socialist/Communist. AND, Ted Cruz is just another empty suit like our current POTUS.

  3. People love trump, they know he is for the people.. not big money. I believe people will go all the way for trump…IN EVERY WAY… I WORRY IT WILL BE REAL BAD, IF THEY TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM…

  4. Thank you. After all these years, Trump has shown the dishonesty of the system. I never knew that our delegates get to vote for who THEY want…not the people.

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  6. This is an excellent effort but could be cleaned up even more if someone could go through the list and come up with a slate of Trump-friendly delegates for each district and then direct traffic to that link. The spreadsheet is detailed and not too easy to read for the regular voter.

  7. I am all for preparing but how do we know we can trust the person who prepared this list? Could Cruz have prepared it and lied? I have no clue and how does anyone else know?

  8. OK Trumpers, When we use Call Fire into PA it’s very important to try and get the email of the person and if someone could get me a list of the delegate candidates and their phone numbers I will call them all and make a list that we could email out to our people telling then who to vote for! I am sure that we have a listing of emails for voters in PA and the PA Senior Advisor could send out a list for our people to take to the polls and find the names and select those in their CD.

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