Donald Trump wins majority of PA delegates


Trump killed it in Pennsylvania collecting 48 *assured* delegates in total–with the possibility of more joining Team Trump in just a short while. Despite all the naysayers, despite all those that said he was the product of low info voters, and even despite one of the most formidable ground games–Trump came out on top in Tuesday’s contest. Taking a majority of the unbound delegates and carrying all 5 states during last night’s primary showdown, Donald J. Trump is full steam ahead with all the momentum behind him.

(For a complete list of the PA Delegates LOOK HERE | For a full size version of the chart above CLICK HERE)

This showing in Pennsylvania was critical. It cannot be emphasized enough. Next week Trump will square of in Indiana with Cruz (and a somewhat less competitive Kasich who has agreed to tone down his presence in Hoosier State) and a decisive victory then could mean the end of the road for the #NeverTrump sell-outs.

We will keep you updated as our research takes a more in depth look at the remaining 23 delegates. There is a good chance that many will also vote Trump!

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